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A digital course for anyone interested in wellness, and especially those corporate well-being professionals, that gives you all the knowledge that the industry holds and the designation that your peers respect.

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Engage your employees with strategies to boost productivity, drive down costs, and foster an ideal corporate culture.

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Learn best-practices in wellness from the world's most prestigious organizations.

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The realm of healthy well-being and wellness is ever-changing, and by going through the CCWS program and obtaining certification it has given me the knowledge and additional expertise to take our internal and external programming to the next level. Healthy well-being is not a “one size fits all” and obtaining certification has provided our organization and myself a skill set and “brand-ability” to assist our employees and the community we serve to be the best form of “you” they could be.
Stefanie Knisley Wellness Outreach Specialist

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Benefits of being a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®


Learn best-practices from the world's most notorious corporations & organizations.


Engage employers and employees to boost productivity, slash costs, & foster an ideal corporate culture.


Brand yourself & your organization as forerunners in well-being, engagement, & corporate culture.


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In the ever-growing, ever-developing field of corporate wellness it’s important to stay relevant, knowledgeable, and credible, which is what the CCWS® has done for me. Being recognized with the CCWS® qualification ensures I’m on top of best-practices and understand customized wellness programs, which provides me the confidence to fulfill my responsibilities and support our employees on their path to overall well-being.
Katy Keene Manager of Employee Programs
Crowley maritime corporation

Who should have the CCWS designation?

There's plenty of resources in wellness and well-being, but one stands out amongst the rest: the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist program.

HR/Benefits Directors

CCWS will help you to engage your employees, boost productivity, and drive down costs by establishing corporate culture.

Brokers and Consultants

Stay ahead of the curve and set yourself apart by offering products that are new and innovative to clients new and existing.

Wellness Managers

Leverage the tools you'll get with CCWS to implement wellness programs that work.

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